Thank you for a great weekend!

Sat/Sun 22-23 May, 2021

We’re staying virtual for 2021.

Our target is £5000

Complete the challenge of 5,000…your way!

We're so grateful that the Mosawi Foundation has agreed to match every £1 donated until we reach our £5,000 target! Huge thank you to The Mosawi Foundation for their generous support.


Get active any time between

Sat 22 and Sun 23 May



All ages, all abilities, all pets... 



Run for 5km

Swim 5km in the river or the sea

Bounce 5,000 times on the trampoline

Cycle for 5,000 seconds (1hr 23 mins!)

Walk the dog for 5km

Skip 5,000 times

Throw and catch 5,000 balls

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Every participant receives a YoCO event sticker plus a FREE gift. A neck warmer for cyclists and swimmers, OR a water bottle for runners / walkers and anyone else! 

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NB: Free gift will be sent out 2 weeks before the event. Sadly, we are unable to send stash outside the UK. 

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If you have any queries around fundraising or any other part of the Buttercup events, please email

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