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Total raised from the Buttercup Run 2020...


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22nd/23rd May 2021

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A HUGE Thank You to all those who took part in, donated, sponsored and shared the Virtual Buttercup Run 2020!

Buttercup Run 2020 highlights...

Our Buttercup Run Heroes...

  • Berinsfield YoCO group completed a 5km bike ride 

  • John in Chesham completed 5,000 jumps on a trampoline

  • Hamish and Pippa in Barcelona swam 5km

  • Luke, aged 5, competed on his space hopper

  • Nicky and the Beard family dressed in fancy dress for their 5km run/walk (including Maizey Hudson, the dog)

  • The Nasio Team and Nasio sponsored children in Kenya ran races

  • The Querailts, Dicks, Wiggs and friends completed their 5km on the real Buttercup course

  • Pip ran 104km in a week!

  • YoCO Trustee Christine and Andrew completed a 29km bike ride

  • Bruce, Lucy, Will, Nick, Ed and Craig completed a very cold 5km swim in the Thames

  • Ted, 7, and Arthur, 5, cycled 5km

  • Faringdon YoCO group ran/walked their 5km

  • Ferdy in Devon ran 5km

  • Andy Boyd proved even retirees can run 5km

  • The Mosses completed a 40km bike ride

  • The Westmacott family completed a triathlon 

Special thanks to... The Mosawi Foundation and The Beard Charitable Foundation 

Don't forget to tell us how you completed your Buttercup Run 2020...

Amazing work, thank you!

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Any questions? 

If you have any queries around fundraising or any other part of the Buttercup events, please email

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